2018 - Celebrating 100 Years!

January : Community Outreach

               Vasilopita January 14th

               St Basil’s Winter Tea January 21st 

February: Spiritual Healing – Great Lent begins

               Sunday of the Prodigal Son: February 4th

               Judgement Sunday: February 11th

               Forgiveness Sunday: February 18th

               Sunday of Orthodoxy:  February 25th

               and a Very Special Visitor

March: Holy Days - Our Church Name Day

                Vespers – March 24th

                Greek Independence Day – March 25th  

April: Holy Week and Pascha

                Palm Sunday – April 1st

May: the Sacraments

                Marriage Blessing -May 20th

June: Church Social Life

                Church Picnic – June 10th

July: Greek Culture in America  

                Greek Food Festival - July 27th,  28th, 29th

August: Participation in the Community

                Yankee Homecoming Parade presence - August

September:  Religious Education

               Eikona Singing Ensamble Joins Paraklisis Service @ 7pm - September 21st

               Eikona Evening Concert @ 7 pm - September 22nd

               Eikona Chants Orthros & Joins Choir during Liturgy - September 23rd 

               Sunday School Ikon Dedication – September 23rd             



November:  the Gala weekend

                Gala Banquet – November 3rd

                Celebratory Liturgy – November 4th  

December:  the Future - Forward and Onward

                Vespers – December 8th


The feast of the Holy Theophany is the traditional season for house blessings.  If your house has not been blessed in the past few years, please make an appointment for a house blessing.  This will be an excellent opportunity for Fr. Costin to meet the whole family.  Please find a time when all family members are present - Monday/Thursday evening, or any weekday except Wednesday.  

Please call the church office (978)465-5757 for an appointment.

Save the Date 

Sunday, December 16th - Grand Finale of A Year of Celebration!

Annual Christmas Pageant, Pot-Luck Lunch & Christmas Extraveganza

Join us for this special day as our church school children reinact the story of Christmas in our annual pageant immediately following Divine Liturgy.  Then come join us in Nicholson Hall for a Holiday pot-luck lunch followed by a talent show performed by members of our parish. 

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